Homes On Demand

The Ultimate Marketing and Automation Platform to Double Your Closings Every Month.

What Is Homes On Demand?

Homes On Demand allows Realty Brokerages to have a never ending supply of leads to sell homes too.

It is the gateway and cornerstone for exceptional Realtors to generate and convert leads on autopilot and dominate in their real estate market.

Our Homes on Demand system operates across many layers of the funnel, teeing up highly aligned organic business while filling the pipeline with excited home shoppers:

Through this model, we help Realty Brokerages and their teams establish themselves as relevant powerhouses who no longer rely on referrals for business,

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How Can Homes On Demand Help You?

The Four Steps To A Kick Butt Real Estate Team

Our advertising funnels automate, streamline, or enhance the four key components of any Realtor’s pipeline.

  1. Lead Generation: More highly qualified, exclusive leads generated at a fraction of what you’d pay the competition.
  2. Conversion: Multi-channel autoresponders text, email, and call leads within 30 seconds and continue for up to a year or until the lead responds.
  3. Dual ISA Teams:  24/7 Round the clock agents working your leads and prequalifying them for you, booking directly into you and your team’s calendar and live transferring them to you.
  4. Dedicated Account Manager: An expert who is available any time you need to ensure you are successful with our system.

The Features Your Business Needs

The Ad: Gateway To Your Client’s Experience

Facebook ads are difficult to get right, especially at a high level. We’ve built a turn key system which allows you to generate as many high quality leads as you need on demand.

Our professionally copywritten ads overlayed with our deluxe videography brings your ad engagement up and your lead cost down.

Then, our custom crafted lead forms pull relevant contact information straight from Facebook’s database, offering a one-click opt in that maintains the trust the user has with their Facebook experience.

Let us run, manage, and optimize your entire campaign so you can focus on your money maker: closing loans and meeting new agents.

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Conversion, Relentlessly

Using our proprietary systems, tools and intellectual property we handle every single lead in the exact same manner to ultimately result in the highest percentage of completed Real Estate transaction as possible.

Our dual ISA teams have you covered.  From lead to your calendar or from lead to your phone, let us do the heavy lifting.

Optimization and Reporting

The devil’s in the data! As a decision-maker in your business, you need relevant data on what’s working and at what cost.

At Leadz Engine, our commitment to economics and data integrity means that we show you the hard data on your campaign other companies are too scared to bring up.

Through this continuous high level analysis, you can rest assured that your team at Leadz Engine is working tirelessly to improve your results over time.

So What Are You Waiting For?

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